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We at Hotel Es Port have been aware for many years that water is a scarce resource in Mallorca. Therefore, we recognised the urgent need for action not to waste it. This is why we are careful  and built the largest water reservoir in Sóller.  We use it in the winter months to store as much water as possible and then use it in the summer to irrigate the hotel garden and the orchard when there is very little rainfall and scarce resources become  such precious assents that they must be protected, used sparingly and carefully.

In order to irrigate our more than 40 thousand square meters large hotel property  with its native vegetation, we have chosen a system called “drip”, which avoids any waste and is used every evening after sunset in order to consume the minimum amount of water and maintain the maximum humidity.

We use an advanced technological system so that the water can be reused in almost 70% of the hotel rooms. This double circuit allows the water in the showers and washbasins to be recovered and purified through a system of filters. In this way, the water from showers and washbasins is recognised, stored in the water reservoir and then can be reused for irrigation.

Another of the measures we carry out at the Hotel Es Port to save water is the use of flow reducers in 100% of the taps in the rooms of our establishment.

At Hotel Es Port we do everything in our power to reduce water consumption. However, the cooperation of our guests is essential for its outcome. For this reason, on arrival you will be given some practical advice, which we ask you to follow for the sake of our planet: Tips such as how to use pool and bath towels responsibly and how to turn off the tap when shaving, brushing your teeth or soaping. Such simple measures can save approximately 12 liters of water per minute.

The future of our ecosystem is in our hands! May we never forget it!

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