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Sa Fira, queen of the month of May

May is a special month for Sóller, not only because of the arrival of good weather that highlights the colours of this beautiful valley but with its breeze it also diffuses the distinctive flowery citrus scent so characteristic of our town.  In the second week of May two of the most popular festivities of this town take place – Es Firó (a spectacular recreation of a historical battle between Moors and Christians which took place in 1561) and Sa Fira, to which we dedicate this entrance and which we highly recommend if you are in town at this time.

Sa Fira is a traditional celebration which fills the streets of Sóller during a colourful weekend with artisanal stalls, typical products and a lot of events. Please consult the varied programme of this celebration!

On Saturday afternoon there is a procession of the Virgen de la Victoria to the parish of San Bartolomé. That is where a solemn act with a emotional floral offering takes place. Women, men and children are dressed in traditional handmade clothes and each one leaves a bunch of flowers at th efeet of theVirgin Mary.

Throughout the weekend the streets of the town are packed with handicraft stalls, livestock and a lot of other things that turn Sóller into a large open-air market.  The folcloric and musical shows put a playful note to Sa Fira – concerts and dance which last until welli nto the night.

It is one of the most awaited celebrations for the Sollerics  and the inhabitants of the island in general – a unique opportunity to take the pulse of our culture and celebrate this beautiful festivity with the locals. It will be the icing on the cake of your perfect holiday!


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