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All Saints Day in Soller

One of the most beautiful cemeteries in Majorca is undoubtedly Soller’s. Located in the upper town, the immense wall of the Sierra de Alfabia as a backdrop makes it spectacular. But this is only one of its virtues, because what is really spectacular is its interior.

The beautiful cemetery of Soller

When? Any time of the year but its peak is November 1st.
Where? Soller Township – Location of the cemetery.
Why? The contrast of the ephemeral cemetery with the serenity of the Tramuntana background captivates visitors emotionally.
What to wear? Comfortable and stylish for walking in autumn in Soller (14 degrees on average) clothes.
What audience is it for? For all ages. People interested in culture and history of Soller.
What represents? For the inhabitants of Soller is an important place in their history. It represents the memory of their ancestors.

Majorcan cemeteries have been a place of tradition and approach to those who are no longer with us. The different cultures that inhabited the island have left their mark in the cemetery of Soller turning its inside in a lovely place to stroll in the tranquility and admire the inner garden created.

Soller Cemetery opened in 1814. We have to keep in mind that previously people were buried in the church of Sant Bartomeu until the practice was banned in the nineteenth century. The place is organized in different areas that correspond to the various extensions which has undergone. But certainly the two most notable parts are the old cemetery, located in the lower zone, and the expansion that took place in the early twentieth century.

If we stop to look at the graves we will see that reflect the economic status of the family in varying opulence of the decor. In the cemetery of Soller, we found the inscriptions on the graves in Catalan, Castilian and French as evidence of Soller lived migratory movement from the late nineteenth century, and demonstrate how sollerics wanted to return to his homeland for his eternal rest.

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