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Es Firó of Soller

Es Firó has become a massive celebration that has exceeded the limits of Soller becoming one of the most important festivals of the island. It has no fixed date, but held on Monday after the second Sunday in May. Important days are the previous Thursday, Friday and Sunday as well as the main day, Monday.

Massive and historical  Es Firó of Sóller

When? Prior week to the second Sunday in May and following Monday.
Where? Soller and Port Soller.
Why? Commemoration of the saracen landing that took place in 1561 in the Port Soller.
What to wear? Light and comfortable clothes to walk around the city on summer. There is a little chance of getting stained.
What audience is it for? For all ages although being a festival of many people you need to be careful with children and the elderly avoiding the busiest areas.
What represents? Battles and symbolic acts that occurred after the landing of the Saracens are staged.

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Why is it so popular?
The commemoration of the battles between Moors and Christians is one of the hallmarks of the Majorcan culture. Remember that it is a widespread tradition throughout the Spanish Mediterranean  and the holidays are based on historical events during the Reconquista in the seventeenth century.
The passion for the party in the inhabitants of Sóller rubs off on visitors making the festival a real show of feelings. During the fair all the people dress in traditional costumes of the seventeenth century and participates in the living representations of battles.

Key days

Previous Thursday 20:00 at the Parish of Saint Bartholomew

Investiture of “LesValentes Dones(The brave women) and Pregó.

Previous Friday – 17:00 In the Plaza de la Constitution

Procession and floral offering. Moving the Virgin of Victory to the Parish of Saint Bartholomew.

Previous Sunday “Sa Fira 23:00 in the Market Square

The festival has two distinct parts: the Fira and Es Firó. The actual Fira, held the second Sunday in May, is a market deployment by local craftsmen in which native and typical products of the valley are exposed. There is also a native agricultural and animals fair. 

Monday – The festival is Firó

At 3 pm on Sunday following the second Monday of May the bells of Soller ring and all peasants gather in the Plaza dels Estiradors.

At 5pm, in Port Soller, occurs the representation of the Saracen troops landing while Sollerics successfully defend the beach. The Moors retry the landing, now on the beach d’En Repic, where beat the defending Soller troops and head to the valley with the intention of looting the village of Soller.

At 8:30 pm in the Plaza of the Constitution, the Moorish king arrives and takes possession of ‘Les Cases de la Vilaand claims victory with the red crescent moon Arabic flag.
In different parts of the square, attacks by the Moors, the hangings of peasants (payeses), raids of houses, looting and pillage, as well as the frustrated assault to the home of the Valentes Dones“. 

Finally, at 9:00 pm in the Plaza of the Constitution with their remaining forces, farmers fight bravely and definitively overcome the enemy.
Angelats Captain proclaims the victory of the Sollerics and is gratful to The Virgen of Victory (Singing Balanguera Mallorcan popular song).

The Characters:

‘Valentes Dones’
Catalina and Francisca Casasnovas, lived in the houses of Can Tamany Casasnovas with his brother John, who was fighting the Algerians. One of the Moors entered the house and, while drinking some wine, one of the woman took the door bar and slammed it on his head, killing him instantly. Then they managed to close the door, they took the body of the Moor, threw him out the window, fell on the other pirates, whom with surprise, quickly fled.

The Casesnoves sisters are represented each year by two girls from Soller for the Fira and Firó and carry Can Tamany bar, symbol of the struggle of women.

Rey Moro
The Moorish king called Ulutx Ali, was of Calabrian origin (Italy) and was captured as a youngster by the Algerian corsair, Amet Ali. His original name was supposed to Luca Galleni.

Capità Angelats
Joan Angelats, was the captain of weapons of Soller, the person in charge of mobilizing, organizing and directing the militias to defend the town against any external attack.

The rest of the characters here


Detailed Monday “Es Firó”

10:00 Monument. Offering wreaths at the monument to the heroes of May 11. Then Can Tamany Mass attended by Valentes Les Dones, historical figures, Xeremiers.

15:00 at Plaza dels Estiradors. Bells ring and farmers meet for the preparation of the battle.

15:30 at the Plaza de la Constitution. Captain Angelats is entrusted to the Virgen de la Victoria and encourages peasants: to the fight Sollerics! Bandits arrive to help defend the Sollerics and Soller.

17:00 at the beach of Can Generoso. Saracen troops try to land but after a hard struggle, are rejected by the Sollerics.

18:30 at the beach d’En Repic. Saracens try landing again and achieve their goal.

19:15 On the bridge in Barona. Soller troops face Saracens in a tough battle.

20:30 p.m. In the Plaza de la Constitution. The Moorish king reach the Plaza to take possession of the houses of the Villa and so proclaims his victory.

21:00 In the Plaza de la Constitution. With their remaining forces, farmers fight bravely and, finally, definitively overcome the enemy. Angelats Captain proclaims the victory of the Sollerics and makes thanksgiving to Our Lady of Victory (Singing Balanguera).

Final 21:30 in the Parish. Very moving ceremony in the parish transfering the Virgin of the Victory accompanied by historical figures and those who enjoy Firó 100%. Here come the real fironers only.



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