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Flowering almond tree in Soller

Soller Valley dazzles visitors with one of the most bucolic images presented by the Majorcan countryside in winter: the blossoming almond trees that are already clear signs of the presence of the desired spring.

Color explosion in the Tramuntana

When? February and March.
Where? Soller, Puerto de Soller and the Serra de Tramuntana.
Why? The spectacular views generated by the pink almond flower contrast with the valley are a highly recommended visual appeal.
What to wear? Comfortable and warm clothing to stroll through the Tramuntana during the Majorcan winter (average temperature 12 degrees).
What audience is it for? For all ages.
What represents? For the inhabitants of Soller represents the joy of the arrival of spring after the cold winter.

The Majorcan Almond (Ametller) is tightly bound to the culture and lifestyle of the Majorcans. Several authors have written about these trees to express the beauty that flourishes in its branches in contrast to the winter landscape of the Sierra de Tramuntana. The almond trees were part of the economic livelihood of land owners and farmers of Soller.

White and pink tones of the almond blossoms are a strong attraction for thousands of tourists who do not hesitate to visit our valley under such special dates; the pink-greengray chromaticism of olive and almond provide an added attraction to visit Soller. Nature lovers take the opportunity to stroll and explore the hiking trails offered by the Soller Valley. Characterized mainly by its beauty and tranquility during the months of February and March.

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