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Olives and Oil of Soller

Olive cultivation started in the Islamic period of Majorca, it has been a key for setting the current landscape of the Sierra de Tramuntana. In order to improve its main production of oil and olives, large terraces and roads infrastructures were created to make the most of such an abrupt mountain territory. Just observe the landscape of Soller, Fornalutx and Deià, where the slightest portion of usable land is bounded and staggered to maximize the growing of olive trees.

The delight of handmade Soller oil

When? Autumn season when the olives are harvested.
Where? All the Soller valley that extends along the Sierra de Tramuntana.
Why? The olive harvest and oil processing hasbeen for centuries the economy engine for many regions of Majorca.
What to wear? Comfortable clothes to walk around the Tramuntana in autumn (high temperatures in September and mid October / November).
What audience is it for? For all ages, especially for gastronomy and hand made products lovers.
What represents? For the inhabitants of Soller it represents its economy and pride in the quality of the resulting oil.

Pueblo de Fornalutx, Sóller. Fotografía obtenida de turinea.com
Pueblo de Fornalutx, Sóller. Fotografía obtenida de turinea.com

The season of the olive harvest starts in late autumn, when it is ripe. Currently there has been a change at  this respect, now the olive it is collected unripe because thus has fewer graduation. But if you want to taste the oil in its fullness, you should try black olive oil (mature). The transformation process of the olive oil requires a specialized and large space, the olive press (‘la tafona’).


The Hotel Es Port has preserved and incorporated into his establishment an example of an exceptional seventeenth century ‘tafona’ (olive press). Currently at the Hotel Es Port we produce our own olive oil 100% native of Soller. This oil contains very beneficial propertoes for the body. It was associated with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease. It also contains antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory nutrients that could reduce levels of bad cholesterol and prevent premature aging.

Worth visiting – The ravine of Biniaraix in the Soller valley was declared of Cultural Interest in 1994 for the amount of ancient trees that make this olive grove a unique place.

Also worth highlighting the Camí des Marroig, linking Biniaraix and Fornalutx populations through the olive groves where the designation of origin ‘Oli de Mallorca’ is born.

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