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Majorca’s sea and mountain cuisine, Stuffed squid


With the onset of winter Sóller fishermen get ready for squid fishing. This cephalopod mollusc is the main ingredient of a very typical dish of traditional Majorcan cuisine. A feature of our cookery, like in the rest of regions surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, are its commonly called “sea and mountain” or “land and sea” stews. These include fish, usually seafood, and meat. Stuffed squid is an example of this cuisine which combines seafood with land products. It is known that this delicacy was already served in the Middle Ages with squid, octopus or cuttlefish.

The recipe for this dish varies from house to house and from fisherman to fisherman. Therefore, there is a big difference, for instance, between the Western and Eastern Mediterranean recipes as the former use rice for the filling.

The basic ingredients for the typical version are: minced meat (usually pork), garlic,

Squid stuffed with meat
Squid stuffed with meat

parsley, marjoram, oil, onions, tomatoes and white wine. You may use oregano instead of marjoram or even do it without it.
This dish is typical of any family meal over Christmas time.

The preparation of this delicious dish is not complicated but laborious. First, you must empty and clean the squid. Then, chop the fins and tentacles, grind them and finally mix them with the ingredients shown above. Once you get the stuffing mixture, spoon it into each squid tube and seal the opening with a toothpick.

The most typical way of cooking them is using a clay pot, popularly known as “greixonera”. Fry some onion and tomato lightly and then add the stuffed squids and cook them on medium-high heat until they get brown.

 You will be able to try this succulent dish on the day of Mallorcan cuisine that Hotel Es Port offers its guests.



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