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Olive oil of Hotel Es Port

We make our own olive oil from the olives of Hotel Es Port.

At Hotel Es Port we want to return to the rural essentials of the earth. That’s why, in the 40,000sqm of vegetation, we find 280 olive trees that produce our own oil every year..

The oil of Hotel Es Port has a designation of origin and we take care of even the smallest detail to offer the highest quality in our “liquid gold”.

In order to offer our customers part of the vegetation that surrounds us, every year we carry out the same procedure to manufacture the oil of Hotel Es Port.

We have agricultural professionals who are responsible for carrying out the entire collection process until delivery to the Sóller cooperative.


The olive is always collected between the months of October, November and December. Guests can appreciate part of the olive trees laden with olives found inside the hotel grounds. These olive trees are of picual race. Picual olives are different from Mallorcan olives because they are bigger. They are caught when they are half ripe / half green, depending on the degree of oil we want to extract. Unlike what was done before, now a vibratory machinery is used, which causes the olives to fall into the nets, which is more convenient for the agricultural and makes the work faster.

hote-es-port-puerto-de-soller-1 hote-es-port-puerto-de-soller

Once all the olives of the tree have fallen onto the nets, they are placed inside boxes, the leaves are cleaned (purged) and taken to the cooperative of Sant Bartomeu de Sóller, where the oil is extracted and bottled.

To be able to produce your own oil, it is necessary to deliver to the cooperative a minimum of between 250kg and 300kg.

Currently, at Hotel Es Port we are the only ones that manufacture oil in the Port of Sóller and we want to continue maintaining this tradition so that it does not get lost.


The oil that we extract from the olive trees is used in the kitchen, the dining room and Sa Figuera restaurant. Small bottles are also given to the customers to take as a souvenir of the hotel and, above all, to try part of the rural essential that gives us the Port of Sóller.


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