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A tower from the 1500s in Hotel Es Port, discover its past

The building where Hotel Es Port is currently located has its roots at the end of the 16th century with the construction of the tower. During this historical period, corsair raids throughout the Mediterranean forced the construction of a coastal surveillance network with the use of watchtowers. Today you can still see and visit many of these buildings along the Sierra de Tramuntana. They are towers located at strategic points with a wide field of vision. All the towers were in view of each other, so that, by means of bonfire systems, the alert against enemy incursions spread throughout the entire region in a matter of minutes.

torre tramuntana hotel es port

The tower of the Hotel Es Port as a refuge for the villagers

As the only ” possesió ” of the bay of Port de Sóller, in the original house where the hotel is now located, a tower was built to shelter the villagers. At that time, this tower served as a hideout rather than a defense. When the corsairs disembarked in the Port de Sóller to loot the lands and houses, the ‘palleses’ (villagers in Catalan) took refuge in the tower, closed inside and waited for them to pass without causing casualties among the population. Throughout the year, the tower was supplied with food, water and food, to be able to stand covered for weeks or months.

hotel es port 1920 web
Photograph of the 20s where you can see the fishing port and the watchtower of the XVI century

Currently the tower is integrated into the Hotel Es Port

In 2018 we still have in Hotel Es Port the original tower with stone and wood materials from that time. Although it has been renewed and secured several times, both the site and the internal layout remain the essence of the end of the year 1,500.

almendro florido hotel es port
Flowering almond tree in January 2018 at Hotel Es Port

The rooms in the tower of the Hotel Es Port

The rooms that you can find in the tower, still maintain the access of the spiral staircase in its original location. The most outstanding of the rooms is room 432 for its privileged location at the highest point of the tower. It has spectacular views over the entire Port de Sóller and was renovated in 2010, extracting still original woods and stones from the 1500s. It is an intimate and romantic room much loved by our guests.

It is followed by room 431, with its new terrace with views of the Sierra de Tramuntana open in 2018. Next is room 430, its stone walls and exposed beams together with its rustic furniture make this functional and comfortable room a unique experience of returning to the past.

And finally, room 325 is located at the base of the tower where the old chapel of the house was located. It has a 10m2 private terrace and views looking over the mountains (north facing).


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