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Ses Puntes a beautiful creek in Sóller

“Ses Puntes” is one of the most beautiful spots of Port de Sóller but also one of the most unknown.

It is an advisable place to visit  both summer and winter.

Surrounding from ses Puntes

Getting to “Ses Puntes”
To start this brief tour we will begin the journey from Maig Onze Avenue just opposite the exit of our establishment.

It is very accessible from the Hotel Es Port in just 40 minutes.

Way to Ses Puntes

From this avenue we should continue to the right to leave the village, up a steep hill that we should follow up till a sharp bend where we will have to take the “Cami de S’Illeta “ by leaving the main road.

Once there we continue our climb through olive groves, passing a zigzag road next to an old abandoned house.

After two curves on the left hand side we will see a metal barrier with a small stone staircase that allows us to access to the other side.

We see that both the right and the left there are dirt roads. Between these two, right in front of the steps we’ve been through, it opens a path through the vegetation on steep slopes.

If we continue this ancient way of fishermen, straight on, we reach our destination without any problems.

What to see in “Ses Puntes”.

Ses Puntes is a small creek unknown by tourists. It is a perfect place to enjoy a quiet soak while enjoying a spectacular and unspoiled environment. The seabed, for their great beauty, is perfect for diving or snorkeling. It is also one of the few places where you can make deep-water soloing in the central area of ​​the Serra de Tramuntana.

Psicobloc in Ses Puntes


The final stretch of the access road to the cove is very beautiful, is an ancient stone path used by fishermen. Along the way you can see an old lime kiln, some coal sheds, and down on the coast, the remains of a ramp to get the boats out of the sea and shelter them used by the fishermen.

This place is very important for people of Sóller. It wasthere where the landed Turkish pirates  landesd in 1561 in order to loot the town. This festival is known as  “Es Firó” where year after year we recreate the landing and battle between “Moors and Christians” in the Port and Sóller.
To take into account:
The excursion to “Sa Torre Picada” is of no difficulty, as it is close to the Hotel es Port ,but if you go in summer you should be provided with water, good shoes and avoid  peak hours of heat, preferably go early  in the morning or at sunset. Go in small groups,  at least 3 people, and always before your departure to let both to the hotel staff as well as friends know where are you heading for.


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