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Soller, a hidden paradise among mountains

The town of Sóller is located on the northwestern side of the island of Majorca, in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana. This unique location has become an essential destination for all hiking lovers who visit our community.

With a population of around fourteen thousand inhabitants, the town of Sóller sits in the lower valley that lies among the Puig (peak) Major, the Puig de l’Ofre and the Teix. Such special location has caused the fact that Sóller has an special microclimate that has contributed to the cultivation of citrus groves on its low area that has resulted in a denomination that goes beyond the natural boundaries of the municipality: Sóller, valley of orange trees.

The entrepreneurial spirit of its inhabitants resulted in a flourishing textile company which in the nineteenth century and early twentieth gave the town an economic boom that turned it into an industrial benchmark of the period. Similarly, the citrus trade and good communication with France from the Port de Sóller resulted in a burgeoning relationship with the Gallic country. This connection is captured in the Modernist architecture of the town.
So, a walk through the central streets of the town – Calle de la Luna, Gran Via, or the station – let us contemplate a diverse representation of Modernist buildings which are an attractive aspect as well as the perfect complement to a destination marked by the hiking world and nature tours.

Tram to Soller Port
Tram to Soller Port


It is also noteworthy the presence of the tram linking Soller to the port that crosses the valley at a distance of five kilometers, in a peaceful ride that crosses the town among the orange groves.

All in all, Soller has become the ideal residence for those visitors who want to enjoy an unparalleled beauty in a leading cultural environment.

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