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Sunny Port Sóller

At a historical level, Port de Sóller’s climate has been a warm attraction for visitors in this town in which Hotel Es Port is located.

As the years pass by, Port de Sóller is one of the main locations where the most exclusive tourists of the Island of Mallorca spend their vacation

Puerta de soller


Sóller, a privileged weather

One of the main appealing reasons of this village located in the Serra de Tramuntana area, is its privileged weather. At the Hotel Es Port we take advantage of the colder and rainy months, such as the second half of November, December and January, to rest and prepare a better stay for our customers prior to the next opening on January 26th.

Spring at Hotel Es Port

From the opening, the moment of the hiking lovers begins, because it turns out to be the best season to develop this activity and once you are done, you can warm up at the Es Port Hotel cozy stays with chimney.

Clima en Puerto de Soller Salón con chimenea

Spring is an ideal time to discover bike routes for the most athletic people and enjoy the vegetation of the area especially with the almond blossom during the beginning of good weather.


Summer, the brightest season in Port de Sóller

Summer is a time of sun and sand, as temperatures reach their maximum heat and rains are at their lowest level. A part from that there is also room for family leisure with the festivities of the patron of the town of Sóller, Sant Bartomeu.

 playa puerto de soller


Autumn, oil and olives

Autumn is a colder weather, but summer temperatures are still with us.

For oil’s lovers the ideal time comes along the cultivation of olive trees.

Whatever the moment of coming to Hotel Es Port, the soft temperatures that practically stick to the island the whole year let you to develop all the activities and enjoy your stay at the hotel at the same time.


Winter, Majorcan emblem?

Despite having the doubtful honor of the worst season of the year, in Port de Sóller we have the privilege of not feeling this way. During the coldest station, we begin a new season in our hotel starting on January 26th and it is time to see the most spectacular color combination of the year.

The blossom of the almond trees in Serra de Tramuntana offers a wide range of pink colors that contrasts with the green vegetation of the surrounding mountains and the gray and brown of the rough rocks of the area.

The almond tree, “l’ametller” in the local language of the island, is a symbol of Majorcan culture and even a source of inspiration for some writers. Waiting for its blossom, hiking routes take center stage to become the most popular activity.

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