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The Biniaraix ravine, stone and water monument

The month of March is undoubtedly the ideal month for a hiking tour to one of the most interesting spots and with the most beautiful views of the valley of Sóller, the Biniaraix ravine (‘barranc’ in Majorcan), a natural monument made of stone and water.

Biniaraix ravine
Biniaraix ravine

The Biniaraix ravine is the most famous stretch of the Dry Stone Route GR 221 (Ruta de Pedra en sec) which connects the small town of Biniaraix with the Cúber and Gorg Blau reservoirs. One of its peculiarities is that it consists of two thousand stone steps that cover the slope between the Valley of Sóller and the area near the top of Puig de L’Ofre.

Dry Stone Route GR 221
Dry Stone Route GR 221

On the ascent of the ravine, one can observe the mastery of Majorcan peasants regarding its construction made ​​of stone: the steps that help us to ascend, the terraces that accompany visitors throughout the tour, the porches – small ‘houses’ that were used to shelter from inclement weather while performing agricultural work -or the irrigation ditches that appear in some areas. All of them bear mute testimony of such hard work.

Waterfall Biniaraix ravine
Waterfall Biniaraix ravine

However, what certainly increases the interest in visiting the ravine during these days is, above all, the ubiquitous presence of water, the result of the snowfall typical of the month of February. The continuous sound of water rushing down the valley will be the only soundtrack of a tour that will surely take those visiting it some time to erase from their memory.

Visitors to the Es Port Hotel will be able to enjoy this excursion which, beyond mere contact with nature, will definitely delight them with a wide range of sensory suggestions.

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