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The Majorcan Trampó,a typical and refreshing summer dish

When the summer shakes with this heat Mallorca, gastronomy is adapted to produce a whole range of dishes that are refreshing and slightly heavy. The basis of these are vegetables traditionally grown in home gardens, where products are first quality.

Plató de trampó

Within our summer cuisine two dishes can be highlighted by its great popularity: the Mallorcan tumbet and trampó . But as we have already spoken about the tumbet, we will focus on this second dish.

Made with a harmonious proportion of products of the garden, the trampó is one of the simplest  and polyvalent dishes of the Mallorcan cuisine. The base of this dish is the tomato and green pepper of Mallorca, which are cut into small pieces, in addition to the Mallorcan onion being cut to half moons . All this is seasoned to taste with salt and plenty of oil. This base plate can be eaten as much as itself or as an accompaniment to fish, meat or a tortilla. This salad is the basis for the popular “coca de trempó”.

Coca de trampó

But there are some variants of trempó, to this base other ingredients can be added such as, apple slices, capers, olives, chickpeas, potatoes, cod or tuna. Although there are many other variants, which widely  vary depending on individual taste.

The word trampó, trempó in the local language, has its origin in the action of “trempar” meaning dress and hence the name of the dish, which is “trempar” this set of vegetables. It is customary to eat with rustic bread and dipping east by excess oil that has been flavored with different ingredients. It’s the most delicious

The reasons are more than enough to try this dish, which is an outstanding example of Mediterranean cuisine. A dish healthy, balanced and local produce. In the Hotel Es Port, every Wednesday celebrated the day of Majorcan cuisine, so get to meet our visitors our culinary wealth.

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