Sa Fira, queen of the month of May

May is a special month for Sóller, not only because of the arrival of good weather that highlights the colours of this beautiful valley but with its breeze it also diffuses the distinctive flowery citrus scent so characteristic of our town.  In the second week of May two of the most popular festivities of this […]

Easter in Soller

The tourist who visitis Sóller during Easter is amazed by the solemnity of the processions, the silence of the audience, the clank of the iron chains dragged through the streets and the ancestral sound of drums. Both children and adults of the village are involved in processions. It is very common to see kids dressed as Nazarenes and collaborating in every activity.

Festivities of Port Soller, San Pedro

June 29th is the day dedicated to St. Peter, patron saint of sailors and Saint Patron of Port Soller for its fishing tradition. One of the main events is the solemn Mass in honor of the Saint, which is held in the church of Sant Ramon de Penyafort. It is also worth seeing the procession that offer fishermen […]

Olives and Oil of Soller

Olive cultivation started in the Islamic period of Majorca, it has been a key for setting the current landscape of the Sierra de Tramuntana. In order to improve its main production of oil and olives, large terraces and roads infrastructures were created to make the most of such an abrupt mountain territory. Just observe the landscape of Soller, […]

Flowering almond tree in Soller

Soller Valley dazzles visitors with one of the most bucolic images presented by the Majorcan countryside in winter: the blossoming almond trees that are already clear signs of the presence of the desired spring.